School facilities


The School has invested a six-figure sum to create leading-edge, flexible and technology-rich facilities for learning and teaching that are consistent with its reputation as a modern, highly respected and world-leading Information School. The new facilities include the iLab, the iSpace and a computer laboratory for collaborative learning.

The iLab is a unique resource for studying how people interact with information resources such as Facebook, Twitter and the web, and with devices such as mobiles, tablets and desktop computers. Students can use the iLab to carry out small scale research projects from usability testing and evaluation of websites to experimenting with how interruptions or multitasking affects how people work. The iLab consists of a three room suite. Observations can be made from the control room in the middle through the one way mirrored windows into the digital media lab and the usability lab, with video, audio and computer data collected using a sophisticated data collection facility.

iSpace student

The iSpace is an open plan, social learning area for use by students and staff. It has display facilities, open-access PCs, comfortable seating, and bookable partitioned group work areas and can be used for individual or group work or for simply relaxing in between classes.

The Tom Wilson collaboratory is a large computer laboratory that can be used for more formal teaching and learning and can be arranged flexibly with desktop machines and open space for groupwork and the use of mobile devices (laptops and tablets etc). The facilities include two Sympodium lectern stations at opposite ends of the room and 6 large format displays for all round visability.

Other facilities in the School include:

  • A dedicated lecture room on site
  • Wi-fi internet access throughout the School for students who wish to connect via their own devices
  • A team of technicians who provide dedicated support for the School's technology and are on hand to assist with technical problems and advice
  • A range of up-to-date software packages for word processing, spreadsheets, databases, web design
  • More specialised software as required

We also offer excellent computing facilities and support from our dedicated IT team.  Find out more in this video:

For information on University campus facilities visit: University facilities