Abdulaziz Almanea

Information School

PhD researcher


Full contact details

Abdulaziz Almanea
Information School
Regent Court (IS)
211 Portobello
S1 4DP

PhD project

Title: "The Role of Online Support Groups in Empowering People with Type 2 Diabetes in the United Kingdom"

The overall aim of my PhD research is to investigate the influence of online support groups on patient empowerment for people with Type 2 diabetes in the UK. The study will provide insights about factors that influence patient empowerment and the treatment decisions for patients, group differences with regard to empowerment, the impact of empowerment on patients’ decisions and health. 


Research interests

My research interests lie in the areas of Information Science, Data Science, Computer-Mediated Communication and Health Informatics. I am keen on understanding how social networks are being used by the public and their impacts on them. I am deeply interested in knowing how humans use technology to communicate and how culture and gender influences such use.