David M. Pinto

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David Mendes Pinto

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David M. Pinto
Information School
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Regent Court (IS)
211 Portobello
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Originally unconditionally accepted to study Mathematics, diversified early into Social Anthropology. Mathematics teacher in secondary school exploring meta-cognition and social learning techniques. Founder of Ecosquared Ltd, a platform which operates money as a vector not a scalar which appears to generate a sharing economic. PhD to explore and test 'socially reflexive tools'.

PhD project

Title: "Self-Discipline through Social-Responsibility."

The social dynamics within secondary school classrooms are complex. The fragmented knowledge of academia is complicated. Combined, these constitute a ‘wicked system’ (Andersson 2014, 2018). The problem space is understood as dense reflexive-active environments (Lepskiy 2018b, 2018a, 2015), a formulation of third order cybernetics, and specific and practical interventions are proposed for both schools and academia. In schools, students conduct an intervention to improve social cohesion, ‘ABC State’, based on action-learning (Riel 2010-2020), a variation of participatory action-research (Chevalier & Buckles 2008). Meanwhile academics are invited to conduct an intervention which enables verification, ‘Reflexive Reading’, based on temporal correspondence (Roth 2020, 2018) and ‘before-the-fact’ systemic practice (Shotter 2017, 2009), a concretisation of indivisible event phenomenologists (Whitehead 1919, James 1907, Bakhtin 1993). The PhD explores how the ‘Dual System’ methodology may help resolve 'wicked system' problems by stabilising 'temporal multi-reflexivity'. Preparations for generating a mathematical model of this process are explored.


Research interests

Self-organisation, complexity, reflexivity, systems, cybernetics, social dynamics, phenomenology, methodology

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