Lily Sepulveda Garcia

Information School

PhD researcher

Full contact details

Lily Sepulveda Garcia
Information School
Regent Court (IS)
211 Portobello
S1 4DP

Lily belongs to the Health Informations research group.

PhD project

Title: "An interpretative phenomenological analysis of informal caregivers' use of assistive technologies to care for people with dementia at home."

My investigation focuses in understanding the lived experiences of dementia informal caregivers using Assitive Technologies( ATs) for their caring role at home.

The aim of this analysis was to give a ‘voice’ to informal caregivers experiences, reflections, sense-making process and concerns about their use of ATs during their caring activities.

This ‘voice’ was interpreted using a phenomenological approach to understand the meanings they placed to their interactions with ATs.

These interpretations aim to provide a comprehensive account of the informal caregivers experiences to inform policy makers, design and developers about better solutions with ATs.


Pamela Abbott

Peter Bath

Research interests

  • Assistive technologies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Human-technology relationships
  • Experiential computing
  • Caregiving research
  • Human-centre computing
  • Phenomenological research
  • Philosophy of technology

Funding and awards

CONACyT scholarship

Events and conference presentations

  • ITAIS&MCIS 2019 Doctoral Consortium on Naples Italy
  • 2nd International IPA Conference on Glasgow July 2018
  • International IPA Conference on Glasgow May 2017
  • IPA Workshop at the University of Birmingham 2017

Conference proceedings papers