Omaima Fallatah

Information School

PhD researcher

Full contact details

Omaima Fallatah
Information School
Room 318
Regent Court (IS)
211 Portobello
S1 4DP

I have a Master of Science degree in Information Systems from DREXEL University in the United States. Prior to that, I have obtained a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Umm Al Qura University (UQU) in Saudi Arabia. I am a lecturer in the Information Systems department at UQU where I have taught undergraduate students introductory courses such as Object-Oriented Programming, Introduction to Database Systems, Advanced Programming.

PhD project

Title: "Mapping and Aligning Large Knowledge Graphs."

My research is in the area of the Semantic Web which focuses on making web data readable by different computer application. In the last decade the amount of information shared throughout the web have been growing continuously. This has resulted in a remarkable number of web mining applications and many Knowledge Graphs have been publicly available. The problem is that these knowledge graphs often have complementary information. Moreover, the same data is being shared using different names. While human have the ability to discover semantic similarity between different words, computers need to be trained to do such as task. Therefore, I am experimenting with a combination of Information Retrieval and Machine Learning techniques to develop a matching method to map knowledge graphs’ schema. These techniques can be used to facilitate data integration across different sectors.


Research interests

Knowledge Graphs, Semantic Web, Data Integration, Ontology Matching

Funding and awards

  • Scholarship from The Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau (SACB) to study my Masters in The USA (2014)
  • Dean’s Fellowship Award from Drexel University (2015)
  • Scholarship from The Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau (SACB) to study my PhD in The UK (2018)