Keisha Tomlinson

MA (Glasgow)

Information School

Research Associate

Full contact details

Keisha Tomlinson
Information School
Regent Court (IS)
211 Portobello
S1 4DP

I joined the Information School in February 2023 from the charity sector. I started my career in the charity sector in community development and youth work working with individuals, communities and grassroots organisations to identify need and empower change based on individual/community specific needs. I subsequently progressed to project management where I have developed and delivered services both regionally and nationally for a wide range of beneficiaries including NEET young people and unpaid carers.

A particular focus of my career has been working with marginalised and hard to reach groups such as LGBTQ+ carers and engaging these groups to meaningfully contribute to issues that affect them. Most recently I was involved in developing a model for the public sector to embed lived experience and co-production into commissioning ensuring lived experience individuals can contribute to the development of support services that are for them.

I am working in the Information School as a Research Associate on the QR Policy Project engaging LGBTQ+ carers in social care research.

Professional activities and memberships
  • Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Equality Panel member (seeking appointment)