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Name Research Supervisor(s) Email
Alboloushi, Bedour The Development of Administrative Innovation in Relation to Post-Adoption Usage of Human Resource Information Systems in Public Sector Organizations

Jorge Martins, Angela Lin

Ali Hafedh, Hooria Knowledge transfer from the perspective of a “Quadruple Helix”:  The banking sector in Bahrain

Ana Vasconcelos, Jonathan Foster

Almanea, Abdulaziz The Role of Online Support Groups in Empowering People with Type 2 Diabetes in the United Kingdom

Peter Bath, Laura Sbaffi

Almulhem, Fahad The effect of socio-cultural norms on the adoption of egovernment in GCC countries: A Saudi Arabian case study Pamela Abbott, Jorge Martins FAAlmulhem1@sheffield.ac.uk
Alsuhaibani, Anas Investigating the Role of Social Media in Supporting International Students Transition to Study in the UK

Andrew Cox, Frank Hopfgartner

Andrews, Penny CS 'Faffing about': gatekeepers, values and flows in research sharing infrastructures

Stephen Pinfield, Andrew Cox

Aylward, Bethany Web-archiving needs of archives in South Yorkshire

Andrew Cox, Jorge Martins

Barber, Laura The perceived efficacy of online, blended, and face-to-face teaching methods of Information Literacy within Higher Education institutions Sheila WebberPam McKinney LDBarber1@sheffield.ac.uk
Basholli, Adelina Wireless monitoring systems for enhancing health services in developing regions

Peter Bath, Thomas Lagkas (SEERC)

Bonne, Marc Educational games and their impact on mathematics anxiety in University students

Sheila Webber, Frank Hopfgartner

Boutopoulou, Alexandra Using Visual Social Media Data to Better Understand Food Safety Cultures: The case of wellness bloggers

Briony Birdi, Nick Emmel (Leeds)

Chen, Xiaoli Crowdsourcing solutions for metadata quality improvement in large-scale research digital libraries, with an application to a community-based information platform in High-Energy Physics

Stephen Pinfield, Paul Clough

Chirwa, Elijah An Examination on the impact of digital disruptive innovations on central banks and formulating a strategy for the digital age

Pamela Abbott, Jonathan Foster

Da Moura Semedo, Daisy Mining health information on the Social Web: towards an understanding of the influence of social media on public healthcare

Peter Bath, Ziqi Zhang

Du, Meichengzi Formulating a Framework to Support Smart city Change Management

Jonathan Foster, Stephen Pinfield

Duffin, Suzanne A study of information needs and information sharing amongst people on the autism spectrum, using online support and discussion  groups

Peter Bath, Laura Sbaffi

Ehdeed, Skina (Sukaina) The Emergence of Libyan Networked Publics: Social Media Use during and after the Libyan Uprising

Jo Bates, Andrew Cox

Fallatah, Omaima Mapping and aligning large Knowledge Bases

Ziqi Zhang, Frank Hopfgartner

Fang, Linhao Challenges in the Introduction of Digital Technologies in Chinese SOEs - the Potential Risk of the Digital Archive

Andrew Cox, Peter Stordy

Fenn, Paul Social Media as a tool to enhance Higher Education learning and teaching experiences Paul Reilly, Ziqi Zhang PFenn1@sheffield.ac.uk
Founti, Christina New machine learning methods for the analysis and modelling of pharmaceutical data

Val Gillet

Ghiandoni, Gian Marco Reaction-based molecule design

Val Gillet, Beining Chen (Chemistry)

Goodale, Paula Constructing Personal Narratives Through Exploration of Cultural Spaces Online

Andrew Cox, Frank Hopfgartner

Grace, Dan Creating a convivial library: crisis, the commons and community resilience

Andrew Cox, Jo Bates

Hayes, Jenny The Use of Social Media for Sousveillance Paul ReillyZiqi Zhang JHayes4@sheffield.ac.uk
Higman, Rosie Open Access and the Role of the National Library

Stephen Pinfield, Laura Sbaffi, Torsten Reimer

Hodson, Stefan P. Investigating information literacy in the Civil Service workplace Pam McKinneySheila Webber SPHodson1@sheffield.ac.uk
Hoodless, Catherine Subject v. functional: the relationship between changing organisational structures and the transformation of academic libraries and the profession of librarianship

Stephen Pinfield, Andrew Cox

Kasumi, Bekim Network management for innovation performance of Research Track 1: Enterprise Innovation and Development

Ana VasconcelosJorge MartinsAnastasios Diamantidis (SEERC)

Medina-Perea, Itzelle The socio-cultural life of personal health data flows in the UK healthcare sector

Jo Bates, Andrew Cox

Nafisa, Muntaha Evaluating health information systems Research Title : Evaluating the quality of the existing EHR Systems of Govt. Healthcare facilities of Bangladesh: Journey Towards National Shared Health Record

Jonathan Foster, Pamela Abbott, Peter Bath

Nunn, Emily Open Access outside academia: exploring access to medical and educational research for non-academics

Stephen Pinfield, Peter Bath

Ofulue, Laura Understanding Motivation and its Impacts on Governance within Crowdsourcing Platforms

Jonathan Foster, Frank Hopfgartner

Poulter, Thomas Requirements and benefits of electronic patient record (EPR) systems in cancer treatment services

Peter Bath

Pretlove, Lee The quantified runner: the long-term value and preservation of parkrunners' self-tracking fitness data from the perspectives of the parkrunner, self-tracking device manufacturers and archival institutions

Andrew Cox, Laura Sbaffi, Frank Hopfgartner

Sanger, Sally Alcohol online support groups: the role of discussion forums in constructing users understanding of their condition /disease

Peter Bath, Jo Bates

Sepulveda Garcia, Lily An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Informal Caregivers use of Assistive Technologies to care for people with dementia at home

Pamela Abbott, Peter Bath

Stacey, Jess Data Mining for Lead Optimisation

Val Gillet, Robert Harrison (ACSE), Stephen Pickett (GSK)

Tramantza, Evanthia Information literacy skills teaching and its impact on the employability of engineering students in the University of Surrey.

Sheila Webber, Panayiotis Ketikedis (SEERC)

Walsh, Dave Supporting information access in digital cultural heritage

Paul Clough, Jonathan Foster, Frank Hopfgartner

Wang, Jing Digital Collaboration Pamela Abbott, Efpraxia Zamani JWang150@sheffield.ac.uk
Wang, Yuhua Developing a better understanding of the factors that influence digital inclusion for active and healthy ageing among older people

Peter Bath, Laura Sbaffi

Webster, James Biological systems approach to de novo design

Val Gillet, Beining Chen (Chemistry)

Webster, Jon The history, development and cultural impact of libraries in the North Riding of Yorkshire  1775-1914

Briony Birdi

Weerakoon, Naveendra Service Innovation in Knowledge Intensive Business Services. Approach of Managing Knowledge Across Boundaries

Ana Vasconcelos, Jorge Martins

Zhang, Jun A study based on the analysis of deploying an integrated smart transportation system within the context of China

Jo Bates, Pamela Abbott

Zhao, Zhixue Learning from unbalanced data and limited data for automated hate speech detection Ziqi Zang, Frank Hopfgartner ZZhao33@sheffield.ac.uk
Zhu, Yuzhen Understanding the Role of Information and Communication Technology in the Shaping of Interorganizational Knowledge Exchange Practice: Proposing an ICT-based Generic Knowledge Management Framework for the European Living Lab Ecosystem Jorge Martins, Efpraxia Zamani YZhu74@sheffield.ac.uk