Bedour Alboloushi

Location: Information School, Regent Court, RC-224


I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (2012) and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (2014) from Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait. I have also been working as an information coordinator in HRIS unit at the Central Bank of Kuwait. My job responsibilities involved working on Oracle HRMS System, analyzing data and preparing reports for the management, as well as providing support and training for the staff. It was a great opportunity to improve my knowledge and understanding of HRIS.

PhD title

The Development of Administrative Innovation in Relation to Post-Adoption Usage of Human Resource Information Systems in Public Sector Organizations


Jorge Martins, Angela Lin

Project description

My research investigates administrative innovation emerging in the context of HRIS post-adoption usage, which is related to improvements in work processes and tasks following the adoption of the system. The research will develop through identifying the manifestations of administrative innovation, examining the interaction between initiators of administrative innovation and organizational stakeholders, and identifying motivations and perceived obstacles in the context of a public sector organization in Kuwait.

Research interests

Information systems; Innovation; Organizational change.


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