Gian Marco Ghiandoni

Location: Information School, Regent Court - Michael Lynch Laboratory (RC-323)

Gianmarco Ghiandoni


I am a highly motivated junior scientist with strong expertise in chemoinformatics, computational, medicinal and organic chemistry. I am a very efficient and systematic multi-tasking worker with a natural propensity for problem tackling and strategy planning. In addition, early experience in my family business helped me with developing critical thinking, practical sense, communicative skills, and most importantly time efficiency. As a researcher, I have collaborated with scientists from different environments from both academia and industry, and I consider knowledge transferability as an early priority. I have also a particular appreciation for aesthetics applied to science.

PhD title

Reaction Vectors: Applications and Extensions


Val Gillet, Beining Chen, Mike Bodkin

Project description

My project focuses principally on the concept of reaction vector and its applications. These approaches share the basic idea of extracting chemical knowledge from reaction data sets to generate new chemical entities, and more generally to reshape known synthetic patterns. The ultimate goal of my research is to explore new chemical space for pharmaceutical purposes.

Research interests

Chemoinformatics; Drug design; Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence; Pharmaceutical chemistry

Events and conference presentations

  • Nov 2019, Mainz (DE)- 15th German Conference on Cheminformatics (GCC 2019) - Oral Communication
  • Sept 2019, Cambridge (UK)- 2nd RSC-BMCS / RSC-CICAG Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry - Poster Exhibition
  • June 2019, Sheffield (UK)- Eighth Joint Sheffield Conference on Chemoinformatics- Poster Exhibition
  • April 2019, Cambridge (UK)- UK QSAR Spring Meeting 2018 - Oral Communication
  • Sept 2018, Oxford (UK)- UK QSAR Autumn Fall 2018 - Poster Exhibition
  • May 2018, Noordwijkerhout (NL)- 11th International Conference on Chemical Structures (ICCS 2018) - Poster Exhibition
  • April 2018, Cardiff (UK)- UK QSAR Spring Fall 2018 - Poster Exhibition

Funding and awards

  • 2018- Best Poster Prize - UK QSAR Autumn Fall 2018 Conference
  • 2017- PhD Scholarship - Evotec and Department of Chemistry (University of Sheffield)
  • 2016- Independent Researcher Scholarship - Telethon
  • 2014- Master Studies Scholarship - ADISU (Agenzia per Il Diritto allo Studio Universitari


Journal articles