Location: Information School, Regent Court - Michael Lynch Laboratory (RC-323)



I pursue a passion for science since early age: I graduated at the high school as chemical technician then I continued my studies at the University of Perugia. I chose a career as organic chemist, but in recent years, my interests have turned in the pharmaceutical extending my knowledge in pharmacology and computer science. During my academic career, I had also launched a company project, which I had carried on with great pride. I have a huge passion and respect for work and people.

PhD title

Reaction-based molecular design


Val Gillet, Beining Chen

Project description

My project focuses principally on the concept of reaction vector and its applications. These approaches share the basic idea of extracting chemical knowledge from reaction data sets to generate new chemical entities, and more generally to reshape known synthetic patterns. The ultimate goal of my research is to explore new chemical space for pharmaceutical purposes.

Research interests

Pharmaceutical chemistry, Chemoinformatics; Drug design

Funding and awards

  • 2017- PhD Scholarship - Evotec and Department of Chemistry (University of Sheffield)
  • 2016- Independent Researcher Scholarship - Telethon
  • 2014- Master Studies Scholarship - ADISU (Agenzia per Il Diritto allo Studio Universitario)


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