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Name Research Supervisor(s) Email
Alsuhaibani, Anas Investigating the Role of Social Media in Supporting International Students Transition to Study in the UK

Andrew Cox, Frank Hopfgartner

Andrews, Penny CS 'Faffing about': gatekeepers, values and flows in research sharing infrastructures

Stephen Pinfield, Andrew Cox

Aylward, Bethany Web-archiving needs of archives in South Yorkshire

Andrew Cox, Jorge Martins

Boutopoulou, Alexandra Using Visual Social Media Data to Better Understand Food Safety Cultures: The case of wellness bloggers

Briony Birdi, Nick Emmel (Leeds)

Chen, Xiaoli Crowdsourcing solutions for metadata quality improvement in large-scale research digital libraries, with an application to a community-based information platform in High-Energy Physics

Stephen Pinfield, Paul Clough

Ehdeed, Skina (Sukaina) The Emergence of Libyan Networked Publics: Social Media Use during and after the Libyan Uprising

Jo Bates, Andrew Cox

Fenn, Paul Social Media as a tool to enhance Higher Education learning and teaching experiences Paul Reilly, Ziqi Zhang PFenn1@sheffield.ac.uk
Hayes, Jenny The Use of Social Media for Sousveillance Paul ReillyZiqi Zhang JHayes4@sheffield.ac.uk
Medina-Perea, Itzelle The socio-cultural life of personal health data flows in the UK healthcare sector

Jo Bates, Andrew Cox

Nunn, Emily Open Access outside academia: exploring access to medical and educational research for non-academics

Stephen Pinfield, Peter Bath

Pretlove, Lee The quantified runner: the long-term value and preservation of parkrunners' self-tracking fitness data from the perspectives of the parkrunner, self-tracking device manufacturers and archival institutions

Andrew Cox, Laura Sbaffi, Frank Hopfgartner

Zhang, Jun A study based on the analysis of deploying an integrated smart transportation system within the context of China

Jo Bates, Pamela Abbott