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Name Research Supervisor(s) Email
Almanea, Abdulaziz The Role of Online Support Groups in Empowering People with Type 2 Diabetes in the United Kingdom

Peter Bath, Laura Sbaffi

Basholli, Adelina Wireless monitoring systems for enhancing health services in developing regions

Peter Bath, Thomas Lagkas (SEERC)

Da Moura Semedo, Daisy Mining health information on the Social Web: towards an understanding of the influence of social media on public healthcare

Peter Bath, Ziqi Zhang

Duffin, Suzanne A study of information needs and information sharing amongst people on the autism spectrum, using online support and discussion  groups

Peter Bath, Laura Sbaffi

Liu, Yuyang Machine learning and health informatics Suvodeep Mazumdar, Peter Bath YLiu369@sheffield.ac.uk
Medina-Perea, Itzelle The socio-cultural life of personal health data flows in the UK healthcare sector

Jo Bates, Andrew Cox

Pretlove, Lee J iRunner: understanding running information and its value Andrew Cox, Laura Sbaffi, Frank Hopfgartner ljpretlove1@sheffield.ac.uk
Sanger, Sally Alcohol online support groups: the role of discussion forums in constructing users understanding of their condition /disease

Peter Bath, Jo Bates

Sepulveda Garcia, Lily An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Informal Caregivers use of Assistive Technologies to care for people with dementia at home

Pamela Abbott, Peter Bath

Wang, Yuhua Developing a better understanding of the factors that influence digital inclusion for active and healthy ageing among older people

Peter Bath, Laura Sbaffi