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Name Research Supervisor(s) Email
Al Wahshi, Jahad Data Analysis for Business Intelligence: A Critical Evaluation of the role of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis in Money Laundering and Fraud Detections in Oman Banking Industry Jonathan Foster, Pamela Abbott JRAlWahshi1@sheffield.ac.uk
Alboloushi, Bedour The Development of Administrative Innovation in Relation to Post-Adoption Usage of Human Resource Information Systems in Public Sector Organizations

Jorge Martins, Angela Lin

Ali Hafedh, Hooria Knowledge transfer from the perspective of a “Quadruple Helix”:  The banking sector in Bahrain

Ana Vasconcelos, Jonathan Foster

Chirwa, Elijah Investigating the fintech innovation process in Low-and-Middle-Income countries (LMICs): A Malawian perspective

Pamela Abbott, Jonathan Foster

Du, Meichengzi Formulating a Framework to Support Smart city Change Management

Jonathan Foster, Stephen Pinfield

Kasumi, Bekim Network management for innovation performance of Research Track 1: Enterprise Innovation and Development

Ana VasconcelosJorge MartinsAnastasios Diamantidis (SEERC)

Nafisa, Muntaha Evaluating health information systems Research Title : Evaluating the quality of the existing EHR Systems of Govt. Healthcare facilities of Bangladesh: Journey Towards National Shared Health Record

Jonathan Foster, Pamela Abbott, Peter Bath

Ofulue, Laura Understanding Motivation and its Impacts on Governance within Crowdsourcing Platforms

Jonathan Foster, Frank Hopfgartner

Toner, James Understanding organisational learning and knowledge sharing in pursuit of organisational effectiveness: A multi-actor, international school perspective Ana Vasconcelos, Pam McKinney JToner1@sheffield.ac.uk
Weerakoon, Naveendra Service Innovation in Knowledge Intensive Business Services. Approach of Managing Knowledge Across Boundaries

Ana Vasconcelos, Jorge Martins

Zhu, Yuzhen Understanding the Role of Information and Communication Technology in the Shaping of Interorganizational Knowledge Exchange Practice: Proposing an ICT-based Generic Knowledge Management Framework for the European Living Lab Ecosystem Jorge Martins, Efpraxia Zamani YZhu74@sheffield.ac.uk