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Name Research Supervisor(s) Email
Andrews, Penny CS 'Faffing about': gatekeepers, values and flows in research sharing infrastructures

Stephen Pinfield, Andrew Cox

Barber, Laura The perceived efficacy of online, blended, and face-to-face teaching methods of Information Literacy within Higher Education institutions Sheila WebberPam McKinney LDBarber1@sheffield.ac.uk
Bonne, Marc Educational games and their impact on mathematics anxiety in University students

Sheila Webber, Frank Hopfgartner

Grace, Dan Creating a convivial library: crisis, the commons and community resilience

Andrew Cox, Jo Bates

Higman, Rosie Open Access and the Role of the National Library

Stephen Pinfield, Laura Sbaffi, Torsten Reimer

Hodson, Stefan P. Investigating information literacy in the Civil Service workplace Pam McKinneySheila Webber SPHodson1@sheffield.ac.uk
Hoodless, Catherine Subject v. functional: the relationship between changing organisational structures and the transformation of academic libraries and the profession of librarianship

Stephen Pinfield, Andrew Cox

Tramantza, Evanthia Information literacy skills teaching and its impact on the employability of engineering students in the University of Surrey.

Sheila Webber, Panayiotis Ketikedis (SEERC)

Webster, Jon The history, development and cultural impact of libraries in the North Riding of Yorkshire  1775-1914

Briony Birdi