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Name Research Supervisor(s) Email
Alnuhayt, Ahmed The Role of Computational Intelligence and Aggregation Systems in Decision Making Suvodeep Mazumdar, Vitaveska Lanfranchi (Computer Science), Frank Hopfgartner AAlnuhayt1@sheffield.ac.uk
Alqusair, Abdulkareem Product category extraction and linking in the area of semantic web Ziqi Zhang, Paul Clough AOAlqusair1@sheffield.ac.uk
Cao, Chen (Cassie) Affordances of gamification in online education in the context of the Chinese Marke Frank HopfgartnerXin Zhao (Skye) ccao5@sheffield.ac.uk
Cui, Cui Towards a framework for constructing an open digital library of web archives - Creating a small scale, topic-based digital library of web archives of Chinese studies Frank Hopfgartner, Andrew Cox CCui3@sheffield.ac.uk
Fallatah, Omaima Mapping and aligning large Knowledge Bases

Ziqi Zhang, Frank Hopfgartner

Goodale, Paula Constructing Personal Narratives Through Exploration of Cultural Spaces Online

Andrew Cox, Frank Hopfgartner

Xie, Haoyu A Research on the Self-Organization of Crowdsourcing Workers Alessandro Checco, Efpraxia Zamani HXie5@sheffield.ac.uk
Liu, Yuyang Machine learning and health informatics Suvodeep Mazumdar, Peter Bath YLiu369@sheffield.ac.uk
Walsh, Dave Supporting information access in digital cultural heritage

Paul Clough, Jonathan Foster, Frank Hopfgartner

Zhao, Zhixue Learning from unbalanced data and limited data for automated hate speech detection Ziqi Zang, Frank Hopfgartner ZZhao33@sheffield.ac.uk