Sally Sanger

Location: Information School, Regent Court, Sheffield - Michael Lynch Laboratory (RC-323)



Project title: Alcohol online support groups: the role of discussion forums in constructing users understanding of their condition /disease

Supervisors: Professor Peter Bath, Dr Jo Bates

Project description: My research is exploring the use of alcohol online support groups by people with alcohol issues. Specifically I am looking at their role in helping users construct their beliefs and understandings about alcoholism / problem drinking ie their illness representation. I will explore how disagreement is managed when the representation endorsed by the majority of the group is questioned, and the role played by trust and empathy in uptake of a view.

Research interests: I am chiefly interested in consumer health information, including health and ehealth literacy, and online support groups.

Achievements and awards:

  • Dissertation of the Year 2015, awarded by University College London and Cerner Corporation
  • Awards a Faculty of Social Sciences Scholarship to undertake my PhD with the Information School.

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