PhD Virtual Open Day

In December 2016, we held our first PhD Virtual Open day live online, via Adobe Connect. Below you can see the video stream of the event.

Hear from our Director of PhD recruitment, Dr Andrew Cox, as well as two of our current PhD students, Jess Elmore and Titima Thumbumrung, about what it's like studying a PhD at the University of Sheffield Information School.

They share their experiences and their tips, and also answer questions which were received live at the event.

See below the video for the text of the FAQ, if you cannot read it on the video.

FAQ Chat Log (click to expand)

Person A: Hi, that was really helpful. What are the main things I need to put in my research proposal?

Person B: Hi .Thanks for this meeting .Are there required models in the first year? and are they pass /fail type?

Person C: Hi, I've developing a proposal - should I speak to an academic about it before submitting my application?

Person B: I got my master degree in library and information from USA and it is courses based degree with no thesis at the end,can I still apply?

Person B: yes

Person A: How long will it take to process my application?

Person A: Thank you for your help, this has been really interesting.

Person B: Do i have to contact a potential supervisor before I apply? Or I could apply directly?

Person C: Thanks

Person B: Thank you

Person D: How definite does the proposal need to be?

Facilitator: We will answer your question following the video - thanks!

Person D: Is it appropriate to discuss options regarding methods?

Person D: Thanks.