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Our student ambassadors are the best people to tell you about what studying at Sheffield is like. Ask them about the city, their courses and the University experience.

Information Management


Hi, I am Jay and I am from Wuhan, China. I am studying Information Management.
There are a lot of interesting things to share with you.

I think sheffield is a wonderful place to study because it is not so crowded and noisy. Studying abroad is a memorable experience.

Feel free to ask me any questions!

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Information Management



I'm Zhongying, I'm from China and I'm studying for a Masters in Information Management.

I enjoy hiking, cooking and looking after my two cats!

Ask me about my course and life in Sheffield.

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Information Management

Rui Ma

Hi! I'm Rui Ma and I am studying Information Management.

I enjoy being social, making friends and sharing my own life. In the past few years, I served as a League branch secretary, the minister of arts, a teacher and an information manager.

In my spare time, I love recording my life in photos and videos. When I travel or find something interesting, I often make Vlogs by taking photos and shooting short videos to record them, and share them in WeChat and Weibo Blog.

I am happy to answer questions about the University of Sheffield, and I really enjoy helping people and making friends, if you have any problem about your study and life on Sheffield, you can ask me! I will do my best help you!

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Rui Ma

Data Science


Hi, I'm Syeda and I am from Lahore in Pakistan. I'm studying for an MSc in Data Science.

I enjoy travelling, playing badminton and reading.

My experience at University of Sheffield has been an amazing experience especially as an international student. I am enjoying my course so far, though it can be challenging at times. I love meeting new people and learning about their cultures and backgrounds. I have made some wonderful friends here at university from all over the world. If you have any questions about the University, life as an international student, living in Sheffield or about Data Science course, feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to answer and help in whatever way I can.

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Hello! My name is Beth, I'm from the UK and I am studying MA Librarianship, with the aim to work in academic libraries when I graduate. I moved from Oxford after completing a graduate traineeship there. I have really enjoyed the course so far, as well as living in Sheffield for the first time. I would be more than happy to share my experiences if you have any questions!

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I am Jamie from the MA in Librarianship programme. I am passionate about language learning, cultural exchanges and all forms of art (visual, cinematic, multimedia, literary...). I belong to the amazing Film Unit of the University of Sheffield. If you have any interest in films, you should definitely check us out! Academic-wise, I feel grateful for being able to study at the University of Sheffield as I find the teaching staff very helpful and passionate about what they are doing. I can have a comprehensive view of the subject that I am studying in and the freedom in focusing on what I want to research. Feel free to talk to me anytime if you wish to know more about studying a Master's programme in the Uni or living in Sheffield in general! And definitely talk to me if you are from Hong Kong I would love to talk to/ meet you.

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Sze Mei Jamie



Hi, I`m from Chile and I have work experience in school, university, public and national libraries, I chose MA Librarianship program due to its international reputation and as a way to enhance my C.V and my management and leadership skills.

Being an international student in Sheffield is an excellent opportunity, I like to be close to nature, various sports (the university has a great infrastructure) and listen live music (Sheffield is amazing).

If you have questions related to my life as international student in the Uni, city or United Kingdom in general, I would be happy to share my experience with you, also if Spanish is your mother tongue, please, don't hesitate to contact me.

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Information Systems

Ying Ji (Emma)

Hello! My name is Emma, I come from China. I’m a postgraduate student majoring in Information Systems, which is interesting and challenging.

During the course, professors will arrange specific company cases for us to analyze and design information systems. In addition, the course will involve some coding.

I love Sheffield, it’s beautiful and vibrant. People are very nice and friendly, I like talking with them very much.

On weekends, I like reading and swimming.

The university’s facilities are excellent, with 5 libraries and a sports center, which meet my needs. I love to travel in my spare time. Sheffield is particularly close to the Peak District, where the scenery is particularly beautiful and is ideal for hiking.

Chat to me if you are curious about Information School, the university and Sheffield. I am happy to answer it and help you!

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Ying Ji

Library and Information Systems Management


Hi I'm Rachel and I'm from the UK.

I'm Yorkshire born and bred and although I am a distance learner student I am glad I chose to do the MA Library and Information Services Management course at Sheffield.

If you are interested in studying from home but not sure if it would be the right choice for you I am happy to help with any questions or queries you might have that I may be able to answer. For me it has worked out perfectly since I am able to balance my degree with my other commitments such as volunteering and appointments.

I'd definitely consider a distance learning course if you are considering doing a postgraduate degree.

As I previously said, if you have any questions I would be happy to help try and answer them.

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