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Paul Herbert, Health Information Scientist, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

I moved to my present post at Healthcare Improvement Scotland in June 2012 and I am convinced my degree was an important factor in helping me pass the interview. My dissertation on the NHS Lanarkshire intranet from a knowledge management perspective was used by the organisation in the design of the new intranet site so it was good to do a piece of work which was then able to be used to make a positive change. I was able to get my dissertation published as an article which I am very proud of. It has also been selected to appear in the virtual issue of the Health Information and Libraries Journal to mark this year’s Health Libraries Group conference in Oxford. I presented on this topic at Health Libraries Group 2012 in Glasgow and I feel these experiences have raised my profile and have been really worthwhile in terms of connecting me to others in my profession.

Dr Ravi Sachdev, Consultant family Physician & Deputy Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

I had heard from others who had attended the University that they had found it rewarding and enjoyable and I was looking for a programme to help formalize my Informatics role at the hospital, while providing me with opportunities to fill the gaps in my knowledge. A master's degree seemed a good choice, and Sheffield's curriculum looked appealing. There have been some great moments, especially when interacting with the lecturer and fellow students live on Blackboard. I have learnt a lot through this programme, and, despite the hard work and long hours, found it quite rewarding. I have, in fact, already recommended this course to several of my colleagues in the field.

Jon Painter, Mental Health Nurse Lecturer, The University of Sheffield

This course offered one of the few distance learning Health Informatics MSc courses available and it resonated with my career and current role. Also it offered a module on statistics which was a specific gap in my knowledge. I have been able to access support when required and I would recommend this course because of the flexibility it offers.