Information Systems - Student Profiles

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Ghulam Chohan, Graduate Trainee, Compaq Computer Ltd.

After completing the MSc in Information Systems I entered the Graduate Trainee Programme at Compaq Computer Ltd. The Graduate Programme at Compaq is both enjoyable and intensive. There has been an abundance of training courses to equip me for a career as an IT Consultant, including consultancy skills through to project management. In addition, the majority of my time has been spent on undertaking the Microsoft Certification Systems Engineering (MCSE) examinations. I have also had the opportunity to gain practical experience in various locations throughout Britain in my chosen area of Network Systems Integration Services (NSIS). This has included the network migration of operating systems such as Windows 95 to NT 4.0. The experience gained from the various courses on the MSc programme has been an invaluable source of confidence to me. The requirement and documentation techniques developed during the dissertation period have also greatly assisted me in various other projects at work.

Richard West, Web Developer, US Web/CKS, London

After graduating with a BA Honours degree in History I found myself in great doubt as to what would be the most suitable career path for me to take. After a lot of thought, I decided to make the transition over to the field of IT, recognising the demand which existed for IT-qualified professionals. I decided to enrol on the MSc in Information Systems at Sheffield to begin the conversion from an Arts graduate to a 'tech head'. Since finishing the course I have been working as a Web Developer for an American company called USWeb/CKS in London. The company develops a range of web-based applications for a wide range of blue chip companies and specialises in particular in e-commerce sites. Just recently I have been moved to the Microsoft team responsible for the maintenance and development of future projects, in particular their UK Intranet. Liasing between USWeb/CKS and the other team located within Microsoft's UK headquaters in Reading has meant that I have had to bring myself up to date with the latest Microsoft technologies. Without a doubt the MSc course proved to be an effective launch pad into the work I do now, despite the steep learning curve I am trying to overcome. The course proved to be a challenging, and enjoyable year, during which I discovered a range of subjects that made me more informed of the world of technology and the forces of change which are currently being unleashed. It focused my attention on crucial concepts such as e-commerce, and how the business world is changing to meet the demands of the Information Society and the growth of the Internet.