Information School Facilites

The Information School has just seen a large-scale refurbishment, with a newly equipped teaching laboratory with state-of-the-art computers and work spaces where you can bring your own laptop or tablet device.

The iSpace

We also have the new iSpace, which is a shared space to study, work in groups, or just meet friends to chat or eat lunch. The space has two breakout meeting rooms which students can book to do group work, as well as PCs and printing facilities.


University Facilities

We recently invested £240m in facilities for our students. That means world-class equipment, resources and study space. When you invest in a Masters with us, you get the best.

The Library has four sites on campus: the Information Commons (IC), Western Bank Library, St Georges Library and the Health Sciences Library.

They house over 1.4 million books, journals, periodicals and DVDs. They also provide access to over 22,000 e-books and e-journals.

You can use your library account and our electronic resources from wherever you are via an online portal. Whatever you're studying, we have staff dedicated to your subject. They're here to advise and support you.

The Information Commons

The Information Commons sets a new standard for libraries. It's open 24-hours a day, has full wireless access throughout and over 500 PCs. There are over 100,000 of the most in-demand books and 1,300 individual and group study spaces (some silent), and a café. It's is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can get fast, free, secure Wi-Fi all over campus and in University accommodation. If you have a problem with your computer we'll investigate it for free.

The Sheffield iLab


The iLab is a state-of-the-art suite of rooms where you can record a variety of activities in order to collect research data. For example, you might design a user interface and then ask participants to test it whilst recording where they click on the screen, what they look at and their emotional reaction to what they are doing, to make sure that what you have designed really works.

You can also record focus groups and interviews easily in controlled conditions, so this facility could really be useful to you when you come to undertake your dissertation project.

The Digital Media Lab is a flexible space with room for 16 users with laptops and multiple HD display screens, and is great for group working or research studies with multiple participants.

The Usability Lab is set up primarily for single person studies, to look like a standard office environment.

The Control Room is the hub of the facility and from where you can observe participants through one-way mirrored glass or on screen from one or more of the High Definition digital video cameras. The whole study can be recorded to digital recorders for analysis later on.