Awards & Impact

In 2012 the Chemoinformatics Research Group was awarded the 2012 UKeiG Jason Farradane Award, in recognition of its outstanding 40 year contribution to the information field. The prize was awarded to the three current members of the group, Professor Val Gillet, Dr John Holliday and Professor Peter Willett. The judges recognised the Group's status as one of the world's leading centres of Chemoinformatics research, a major contributor to the field of information science, and recognised its success in raising the profile of the information profession.

Peter Willett is the only person to have been the recipient of all three of the American Chemical Society’s awards for contributions to chemoinformatics and the pharmaceutical industry: the 1993 Herman Skolnik Award, the 2005 Award for Computers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, and the 2010 Patterson-Crane Award.

The impact of the Information School’s research extends beyond thethree highlighted research programs to other aspects of virtual screening including, for example, similarity searching and machine learning. Both academic and industry professionals follow the work that the Information School has conducted in this area. It has been cited over ten thousand times in the academic research literature and has also been incorporated into software which is developed within the industry.