Research Themes

The Knowledge and Information Management Research Group focuses on the management of information, knowledge and innovation practices and processes, mainly in collaborative and dynamic work settings, in a variety of organisational and inter-organisational contexts.

The group has a strong interdisciplinary nature and draws on theoretical perspectives from organisational and sociological theory, strategic management, information science, information systems and information technology. We bring diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives to this area, with an emphasis on interpretive approaches to discourse, knowledge and power.

Key research areas

The KIM group research is clustered around the following areas:

  • Social practices: the social dynamics of information and knowledge discovery, sharing and transformation; organisational adaptation and knowledge sharing; boundary spanning practices; social networks and knowledge communities;
  • Strategy: knowledge and information management governance and strategies, knowledge absorption and innovation, and intangible asset valuation;
  • Systems: systems in use, knowledge work and the digital workplace; social enterprise systems and innovation; systems evaluation and change management; digital identity.