ICTs and Development

We have previously worked with partners on EU projects (TANDEM, Sci-GaIA) in collaboration with WACREN and the Africaconnect2 project involved with development work in the West and Central African region aimed at building the capacity for network connectivity to this region for research and education within the region’s higher education sector. We are interested in ongoing follow-on research to help build sustainable information management support for the librarian function in this region as part of a portfolio of capacity building projects (see #libsense).

We have also worked with research students on several ICT for development (ICT4D) doctoral projects around projects exploring topics such as the failure of the National Identity Card project in Nigeria, the National Prepaid Electricity Meter project in Nigeria (see, e.g. - the published thesis on this topic), and failure of Telecentre projects in Ghana (e.g. as analysed in this paper).