Research Group Members

Academic Staff


Dr Pamela Abbott
Head of Group

Tel: 0114 2222669
Room 225

I am interested in research concerning the socio-economic and organizational consequences of the global phenomenon of IT outsourcing and offshoring, specifically, and more generally the area of information systems and globalisation. I am also establishing an area of expertise in research on information and communication technologies (ICTs) and development, which has seen me research ICT-related issues (such as IS failure) in developing country contexts.

Jorge Martins Dr Jorge Martins
Tel: 0114 2222667
Room 307
My research lies at the intersection of information systems, management and organisational theory. My focal concern is the linkage between innovation, technology and networking to the practices of managing knowledge and information, and to the processes of organising. This includes the significance of communication for creating and shaping organisations; work practices (e.g. virtual organisations, collaborative working, temporary organisations);local, regional and global geographies of innovation; networks and connectedness.

PhD Researchers

woman Maram Alajamy
I am examining the Role of Academic Librarians in University-wide IS Strategic Planning.
woman Arwa Aljohani
I am looking at critical barriers to successful adoption of ERP system in Higher Education at Saudi Arabia.
man Linhao Fang
I am focusing on the challenges in the introduction of digital technologies in Chinese SOEs - the potential risk of the digital archive.
woman Liliana Sepulveda Garcia
I am studying the perceptions and lived experiences of informal caregivers who use Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) technologies to monitor a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementias.
woman Shuyang Li
I am researching project managers’ construction of successful knowledge sharing practice in a Chinese multi-product industrial company.
man Goudarz Poursharif
I am focusing on driving benefits from sustainable electricity network information and understanding and representing Smart Network data.