Research Themes

The largest growth in most world economies today is driven by information-intensive industries. This success reveals that organisations are increasingly knowledge-based and reliant on information systems, which are pervasive in all sectors of activity, from private for-profit organisations to governments, educational institutions and civil society organisations.

Our research group addresses the transformative potential of information and communication technologies within society and organisations, focusing on the adoption, exploitation, management and creative use of information systems in a variety of organisational and social contexts.

Key research areas

  • Information Society and Globalisation
  • Global Sourcing
  • ICTs and development
  • Information Systems Thinking and Strategic Planning
  • Information Systems Deployment
  • Human capital in Information Systems
  • Organisational transformation and Information Systems
  • Project Management and Change Management
  • Adoption of and Trust in Information Systems
  • Barriers and Enablers to the use of Information Systems
  • Distributed collaborative systems development
  • Innovation, R&D and Networks
  • E-learning in corporate and education settings