The iLab is our state-of-the-art suite of research labs. Including both a Usability Lab and Digital Media Lab, the suite of rooms enables the systematic collection of research data in controlled conditions via audio, video and screen capture as well as remote observation of participant activities via one-way mirrored windows from the Control Room.

Students and staff can efficiently apply a range of methods, from interviews to user testing. They may effectively conduct focus groups or study small group behaviour using the Digital Media Lab, or test software or website usability, or observe how individuals use a technology in the Usability Lab.  This facility therefore has the flexibility to accommodate a range of methodologies and types of research projects.

The Usability Lab is set up like a standard office and is most often used for single-user research studies or smaller group studies.

The Digital Media Lab houses 16 hi-spec laptops arranged in groups of four to six, and can be used for studies where larger numbers of participants are anticipated. Audio and video from both rooms can be recorded direct to disc for analysis later on.

The labs are available for hire by departments across the University and external organisations.

"I used the Information School's iLab in semester one 2014 for Masters in Social Work students undertaking a videoed role play with a service user as part of their skills development.  The iLab is centrally located within the University and using it for the video recording was simple and allowed access to problem free recording.  Students had easy access to their recording afterwards via a link to a central server, allowing them to undertake analysis of the recording.  The iLab Manager was very responsive to any queries about requirements for the day and technical queries after.  I intend to use it again next year."  Robin Sen, Lecturer in Social Work, Department of Sociological Studies

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