Building Economies And Resilient Societies (BEARS)

The intellectual focus of the BEARS doctoral network addresses the issue of resilience in economies and societies, assuming an interdisciplinary perspective to consider organisational change, regional economic development and societal challenges. The network will addresses the intrinsic tensions bound up in discourses around ‘localism’ from different disciplinary and methodological perspectives. Four studentships address distinct yet inherently interrelated questions concerning resilience and the possibilities of change within the context of the socioeconomic challenges facing the Doncaster region: exploring socio-economic spatial polarisation, health and well-being; adaptive capacity and barriers to business growth among SMEs in Doncaster; perceptions and realities of economy-driven housing market growth in Doncaster; deprivation, educational attainment and resilience in Doncaster.

Sponsor: Cross-cutting Directors of Research and Innovation Interdisciplinary Scholarships for 2013-14

Partners: School of Management; Town and Regional Planning; Architecture; Geography; School of English; School of Health and Related Research

KIM participant: Ana Vasconcelos