Design Science Research

Design science research has been used in the Information Systems research group since 1997 with a significant rate of success and high impact in both the industry and the academic world. This resulted from the successful award of a number of applied research projects. The first project was a three year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with a Barnsley healthcare company (1998-2003) to develop a knowledge base system to support the design of hospitals.

A second project involved an MSc project followed by a 3 year PricewaterCoopers PhD scholarship to develop the first ever University Ranking Web System (2004-2008).

A third project resulted in a KTP project and a Liverpool City Council grant to develop a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) triggered Museum system (2006-2008).

More recently a Birmingham City University CETL grant funded the design of a blended learning phonetics teaching system (2009-2010).

Finally, a university collaborative and R&D internal scheme has funded the development of multi-purpose e-learning application that offers training for professionals and students who work with adolescents and young adults with significant speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) (2012-2013).