Find My Migraine

Jorge Tiago Martins (Co-I)

Funding: The Sheffield Crucible

Migraines have a profound negative impact on individuals’ social and work life. Due to their debilitating impact, migraines can lead to absence from work with consequent loss of productivity. Despite migraines being a substantial burden, the needs of migraine sufferers are frequently unmet. In this project an inter-disciplinary team joining researchers from the School of Clinical Dentistry, the Information School, the Management School and the Department of Psychology developed a prototype for a smartphone application in which different inputs known to influence the development of migraines (e.g. mood, stress, eating diary, sleeping patterns, daily events) can be easily recorded. Once the inputs are recorded the application creates statistics and graphs that can be sent to a doctor for helping monitoring the patient health. Additionally, the application generates warning signals that can be used by the migraine sufferer as an alert for future migraine attacks.