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Personalised Access to Cultural Heritage Spaces (PATHS)

The PATHS (Personalised Access To cultural Heritage Spaces) project was funded under the European Commission’s FP7 programme (2011-2014) and aimed to enable personalised paths through digital library collections; offer suggestions about items to look at and assist in their interpretation; and support the user in knowledge discovery and exploration. The project consisted of partners from multiple disciplines, including Cultural Heritage, Library and Information Science, and Computer Science, from both academic and non-academic institutions. A selection of artefacts from Europeana was used as a source of cultural heritage artefacts, but additional semantic enrichment was carried out on the content together with the development of user interfaces to support users in their exploration of digital cultural heritage. The PATHS project was coordinated by the University of Sheffield and MDR Partners and Paul Clough from the Information School acted as Scientific Director for the project.

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General overview articles:

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Clough, P., Goodale, P., Hall, M., and Stevenson, M. (2015) Supporting Exploration and Use of Digital Cultural Heritage Materials: the PATHS Perspective, In Ruthven, I. and Chowdhury, G.G. (eds) Cultural Heritage Information Access and Management, Facet, pp. 197-220.


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