Smart Cities

Smart cities is one of the largest areas of growth in research funding and the group in collaboration with colleagues in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, has been fast in seizing this opportunity. One of these projects was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Sustainable Society Network+ in collaboration with GSMA, a global trading association representing the interests of 800 mobile operators in over 220 countries of the world (2013-2014). The findings of this project were showcased in the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2014 (this is the most prestigious event in the global mobile industry with over 85,000 attendees including 5000 CEOs and 4500 media representatives).

Soon after the completion of this project, the GSMA funded another consultancy project to develop and validate a customisable and systematic methodology for measuring and forecasting the market size of smart cities (2014). More recently, the group was awarded additional research funding by the University's IIKE Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme (2014-2015) for a project aiming to build a systematic approach for measuring the level of citizen engagement in smart city facilities and services in two leading smart cities in the UK, namely Birmingham and London.