Wireless monitoring systems for enhancing health services in developing regions

PhD researcher: Adelina Basholli

The healthcare sector has increased pressure towards improving the quality of care delivered to patients, especially considering new technological advances. The application of digital technology, like sensor-based applications, can help to monitor patients diagnosed with diseases that need constant treatment and management.

Wireless Monitoring

Figure 1. Possible system architecture of sensor networks in healthcare (Basholli, et al. 2014)

Developing regions, on the other hand, present suitable case studies where the number of people diagnosed with diseases that need continuous monitoring, more specifically chronic diseases, is increasing. In this way, the purpose of this project is to evaluate and critically analyse existing technologies applied in healthcare and propose a sensor-based architecture that will enable remote and continuous monitoring of chronic diseases in developing regions. Therefore, application of sensor based networks in developing regions will help patients have continuous monitoring and constant treatment of their chronic conditions, lower treatment costs, decrease the number of hospitalized people, and provide healthcare services in distance. In many developing countries, such as in Kosovo, the application of sensor technology for chronic disease monitoring is not applicable in healthcare centres. Hence the aim of my research is to propose a new, flexible, and cost-effective sensor-based architecture that will suit the needs of developing regions, and help them in treating and managing chronic diseases.