Dr Robert Jäschke

Senior Lecturer

PhD (Kassel), Diploma in Mathematics (Dresden)



+44 (0)114 222 2682

Regent Court 232

My research interest is Web Science, "the emergent science of the people, organizations, applications, and of policies that shape and are shaped by the Web, the largest informational artifact constructed by humans in history" (from the call for papers of the ACM Web Science conference). Thereby, my research is situated in information science, with multi-disciplinary connections to computer science, psychology, sociology, economics, and the digital humanities.

More specifically, together with colleagues from the Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0, I am investigating, how the (social) web is changing the research landscape and how it can improve communication, collaboration, participation, and open discourse.

I am also leading the development and operation of the collaborative tagging system BibSonomy, which is both a valuable tool for researchers to organize their literature as well as a test-bed for our methods and results. In that context, I am interested in the development and integration of recommendation methods for tags and scholarly publications for social bookmarking systems. Further topics of interest include citation and link analysis, entity matching and resolution, and social network analysis. I extensively leverage big data technologies like Hadoop, HBase, Drill, or Elasticsearch for my research, e.g., to analyze crawled web pages of universities in the context of Science 2.0.

I am co-initiator of the blog weltliteratur.net, where an interdisciplinary team of researchers presents methods and findings from the digital humanities for both colleagues and an interested public. We regularly communicate results of our joint work and showcase how digital tools and methods can contribute to our understanding of world literature.