Dr Soufiana Mekouar

Research Associate

BSc (Mohammed First, Oujda), MRes (Mohammed V, Rabat), PhD (Mohammed V, Rabat)



I am working as a Postdoctoral Researcher on the FashionBrain project with Dr. Alessandro Checco in which we are retrieving, analyzing data from different social media sources, and designing efficient algorithms to improve user experience and understand a little bit more about the hidden pattern in the collected data.

Just before joining the Information School, I was working as a data scientist with a team of researchers on a research project that deals with the identification of most influential users in social networks. We dealt especially with designing efficient algorithms based some predefined distance, centrality measures and machine learning algorithms.

Prior to this, during my Ph.D. I worked on the analysis and modeling of shared contents and their impact on users behavior in online social networks. I had the chance to work and collaborate with various researchers to expand my knowledge in data analysis, Machine learning and decision making in different settings.