Dr Ivan Rajic

Research Associate

BSc (Belgrade), MPhil (Cambridge), PhD (Cambridge)

Ivan Rajic


+44 (0)114 222 2675

Room 224

I am currently working as a Research Associate on the Regional Technology Foresight project, with Dr Jorge Martins as PI. The project’s aims are to:

  • identify the most promising future technologies for the advanced manufacturing and materials sectors in the Sheffield City Region
  • build consensus among key stakeholders about how to best exploit these technologies to increase the competitiveness of the region
  • provide a Toolkit that other regions can use to adapt the foresight process developed during the project to their needs

Apart from the Regional Technology Foresight project, my main research interests lie at the intersection of political economy, economic geography and business studies. Specifically, I am interested in how the competitive power and location choices of large firms influence regional development within countries, usually maintaining and reinforcing regional development disparities. Furthermore, I am interested in what sort of policies can be used to direct these firms’ considerable resources to provide more equal regional levels of development, and what sort of political, legal and economic structures would make this easier. Finally, in my PhD research, I have looked at how persistent regional disparities can create inter-regional economic conflicts, particularly during prolonged recessions, and how these conflicts can become a strong basis for separatist aspirations in both richer and poorer regions.

Currently, I would be most interested in looking at to what extent more interventionist regional development policies are possible within the constraints set by EU and World Trade Organization law.