Dr Ioanna Tantanasi

Research Associate, IMPROVER project

BSc (Aegean), MSc (Manchester), PhD (Manchester)



+44 (0)114 222 2666

Room 318

My research interests involve mapping communication and knowledge patterns within a social network (through the use of social network analysis) to gain deeper understanding of how individuals, groups, and organisations interrelate in environmental governance and the mitigation of climate change. I am also interested in the power relations observed within this context and their implications for the agency of marginalised groups in such circumstances. Further to this, I am also interested in the role of community champions in promoting natural hazard awareness and in actively encouraging community engagement and participation. I am drawing from literatures on community practices, social equality and justice, stakeholder engagement, resilience, adaptive learning, urban sociology, and political ecology.

My empirical work involves using both qualitative and quantitative research methods from the field of human geography and sociology. I am also interested in exploring a combination of methods to create innovative research methodologies to further inter-disciplinary research.

Prior to IMPROVER, my past post-doctoral research projects enabled me to further communicate my ideas and research to those outside my field, and have also inspired me to apply for funding in order to further develop those ideas. I have strong experience in writing grant applications to national (Leverhulme Trust, Hallsworth and Simon Fellowships, ESRC-IAA, NERC-IAA, Innovate UK) and European research councils (Copernicus Masters, European Space Agency). Three of these applications have been successful. The most recent was the 2016 European Commission award from the Copernicus Masters competition under the ‘Sustainable Living Challenge’ with the project called ‘EnviroSAR: using satellite data to target restoration and revegetation activities following hazardous wildfire incidents’.