Dr Farida Vis

Research Fellow in the Social Sciences

BA (Staffordshire University), PhD (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Dr Farida Vis


+44 (0)114 222 2654

Twitter: @flygirltwo

I frequently present on social media methods, for national and international policy communities, can be found at hackdays, data camps and aside from academic conferences, increasingly speak at technology conferences also. Since 2012 I have spoken at:

  • Lift 12 (video)
  • TED Salon, London (video)
  • Future Everything (2012: slides + publication, 2013: video)
  • the Open Knowledge Festival
  • Keynote address about Twitter influence at Emerce Eday (2012)
  • Keynote address on social media and Big Data at the ESRC and British Academy’s Big Data Debate.
  • More recently I have given presentations on the role of social media algorithms (for example at Improving Reality, part of the Brighton Digital Festival, video)
  • Going back to a longstanding interest, the role of images, in this case on social media, I gave a talk as part of the Royal Geographical Society’s 21st Century Challenges series, highlighting The Many Unseen Terrain of Big Data.