Dr Hui Yang

Research Fellow in Health Informatics

BSc (HUST, China), MSc (Wollogong, Australia), PhD (Wollogong)




+44 (0)114 222 2674

Regent Court 323

I am currently working as a research fellow in Health Informatics. My research includes undertaking quantitative and qualitative analyses of digital health information using statistical methods and data mining techniques to identify factors affecting health and well-being among particular patient groups and the public. Moreover, I also study the information needs and information behaviours of specific groups of patients, their family members and carers, and examine how they use online discussion forums and social media to share information, emotions, and experiences relating to their illness.

Before joining the Information School in December, 2016, I worked as a data analyst at Advanced Data Analysis Centre (ADAC), the University of Nottingham. My role was conducting empirical research on advanced data analysis and interpretation for large-scale, complex datasets from a wide range of domain areas such as health informatics, bioinformatics, business intelligence, and social media.