Where Do Our Graduates Work?

Graduates from the Information School go on to work for a wide variety of organisations around the world including:

  • BBC
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  • Ernst & Young
  • Pepsico
  • Asda
  • House of Commons Library
  • IBM
  • Logica
  • Credo Reference
  • Accenture
  • Pearson Education
  • Adidas
  • University of Leeds
  • Stanford University

Graduates also pursue careers within universities and within local government across the world, and some progress to doctoral study.

Graduate Profiles

Our graduate profiles show the career paths that Information School graduates have followed.

John Shawler, MSc Digital Library Management: Manager of Information Literacy Division, Credo Reference "I work to improve Literati, an online research platform that allows students to conduct research with the ease of Wikipedia, but with the authoritative, citable content of a reference library. Because of the Digital Library Management programme at Sheffield, I was able to gain experience in how to build and manage content management systems within the context of digital libraries."  Read more about our MSc Digital Library Management graduates.
Paul Herbert, MSc Health Informatics: Health Information Scientist, healthcare Improvement Scotland “I moved to my present post at Healthcare Improvement Scotland in June 2012 and I am convinced my degree was an important factor in helping me pass the interview. My dissertation on the NHS Lanarkshire intranet from a knowledge management perspective was used by the organisation in the design of the new intranet site so it was good to do a piece of work which was then able to be used to make a positive change.”  Read more about our MSc Health Informatics graduates.
Tracey Vickers, MSc Information Management: Junior Researcher, Boston Consulting Group “As a researcher at BCG my role is to utilize the plethora of available sources to satisfy the enquiring mind of the management consultant. Sometimes requirements may be as straightforward as company turnover, other times the mind of the business world trips a more complicated route involving cheese and market shares... Sheffield has a good reputation and my MSc got me a foot through the interview door. The courses were wide ranging and provided a valuable introduction to the everyday tools of the information profession."  Read more about our MSc Information Management graduates.
Ghulam Chohan, MSc Information Systems: Graduate Trainee, Compaq Computer Ltd “After completing the MSc in Information Systems I entered the Graduate Trainee Programme at Compaq Computer Ltd. The Graduate Programme at Compaq is both enjoyable and intensive... The experience gained from the various courses on the MSc programme has been an invaluable source of confidence to me. The requirement and documentation techniques developed during the dissertation period have also greatly assisted me in various other projects at work.”  Read more about our MSc Information Systems graduates.
Bhavin Malkan, MSc Information Systems Management: Finance Functional Consultant, Columbus IT “Since I graduated I immediately found a job and I have been working for a global company implementing an ERP solution (Microsoft Dynamics AX) and working on functional areas of a project lifecycle... Information Systems Project Management has given me the commercial awareness I need when I am working on projects in terms of time management as well as liaising with different stakeholders of a project. I use other modules such as E-commerce as some of our clients are online retail customers and we need knowledge of e-commerce to accurately gather requirements.”  Read more about our MSc Information Systems Management graduates.
Amelia Luzzi, MA Librarianship: Assistant Librarian, Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College, Birmingham “I am Assistant Librarian in a busy and successful sixth-form college near the centre of Birmingham. The library team is small, which means that everyone has to pitch in and do a bit of everything - a great way to gain experience. The Librarianship course at Sheffield has given me invaluable practical knowledge which helps me get through my day: information searching skills, IT skills, and an understanding of how to work with people. But more importantly, the course has opened my eyes to the possibilities of libraries and helped me see beyond what my library already does.”  Read more about our MA Librarianship graduates.
Amie Ward, MA Multilingual Information Management: Information Management Graduate Scheme, Transport for London “I did the MA in Multilingual Information Management with the School of Modern Languages and Cultures and the Information School in 2011/12. Now I'm on an Information Management Graduate Scheme at Transport for London... I think the course helped me because on the scheme, we work in lots of different areas, and the course gave me an overview of quite a few of them. I also think having a multilingual perspective is beneficial as you think about things other people might not have and often from a different angle.”  Read more about our MA Multilingual Information Management graduates.
Xuguang Li, MA Multilingual Information Management, PhD: Associate Professor, School of Information Management, Central China Normal University "Studying at the Information School enabled me to build a solid knowledge base and, more importantly, develop the ability to think critically. The world-class research and teaching provided by Information School definitely helped me realise my dream of working as an academic who can push forward the frontier of knowledge. I am now working as an associated professor in the Information Management School in the University of Central China University, where I transmit the knowledge and learning skills I obtained during my studies to new students." Read more about our MA Multilingual Information Management graduates.