Looking for a Job as an Information Professional

Because of the diverse nature of the job titles and employment sectors that are relevant to careers in library and information management, there is a wide range of potential sources of job advertisements. The rule of thumb here is ... leave no stone unturned!

Where can I look for vacancies?

Information vacancy services

  • LISJobNET is run by CILIP and advertises Library and Information roles for professionals
  • LAC group is a company that provides outsourced library and information functions to businesses, government departments and law firms. Traditionally they have been US based but they are growing their UK business. Vacancies are posted on their website
  • TFPL and CB Resourcing are both specialist recruitment agencies based in London who advertise roles in the Knowledge, Information and Library sectors. You can search for roles that are currently being advertised and also register your CV with them.

Vacancies in related fields

Graduate jobs

National newspapers

For vacancies outside of the UK, you can use the following sources:

  • The Riley Guide which has a good range of information about job searching in the USA and worldwide with links to major recruitment websites.
  • LISjobs.com which lists library and information jobs in the USA.
  • UNJobs.org.

Information Recruitment Agencies

The agencies listed below specialise in recruitment for the library and information management sector.  Some also cover related sectors such as IT, computing and new media.  All agencies will advertise a range of permanent and contract work that might be for full-time or part-time vacancies.  Don't be put off accepting short term contracts, as these can often lead to being offered permanent positions and provide valuable work experience for your next job!

Most agencies will be able to help new graduates try to find positions, but having previous library or information management work experience can be an advantage.  Recruitment agency websites also contain useful information about the library and information sector, and about CV preparation and interview techniques.

Social media can be used for job searching and LinkedIn has a useful job search function. You will need to be a LinkedIn member to use this.

This will allow you to search for jobs that match the professional interests and the experience that you list in your LinkedIn profile, so make sure that it is up to date!

LinkedIn Job Search