Managing your passwords

About your password

You must never disclose your password to anyone else.

Initially, your network password is an assortment of letters and numbers. This makes it very secure, but can make it hard to remember. You can change your password using the Account Management page. Before doing so, make sure you read our secure password advice.

You’ll also be issued with a separate Remote Access (VPN) Password. You won’t be able to change this, but you can request a new one from the Account Management page.

Changing your password

Choose a password that you’ll find easy to remember, but that others will find difficult to guess. You’re required to follow the rules laid out by IT Services. Passwords must meet the minimum requirements detailed on the Account Management page. Good practice for ensuring your password is strong is to make it long.

Change your password.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, contact the IT Service Desk.