Google Docs and Shared Drives

Google Drive

Google Drive holds your Google Docs comprising online text documents, presentations, spreadsheets and forms. It is very quick and easy to share each Google Doc with your colleagues, but the document is always associated with its original author. This means that if the author leaves the University all their docs are removed no matter how much content has been contributed by colleagues.

It is easy to share any of your documents with colleagues from outside the University, just by providing their email address.

Shared Drives

Networked shared drives offer a structured departmental area to share and store information. It has the advantages that you don't have to download files to access them, is secure and centrally backed up. All types of data can be stored, subject to space limitations.

Due to the structure and security of shared drives, it is more technically difficult to share and collaborate on documents with staff from outside your department. Your shared drive should be seen as a means to share and store completed work within your department.