Equipment available to loan

The following equipment is available to loan for free to University staff, with the exception of display boards. Staff can book any item using the Equipment Booking Request form.

Non-University members can also hire equipment. Please contact for a quote.

Display Equipment


Projector with HDMI and VGA inputs. Can project on to any large flat, white surface. Pop up Screens are available.

LCD Screens

46" or 75" Screens with HDMI, VGA or DVI inputs. Stand and laptop shelf included.


PA Systems

We have a variety of PA set ups available. Tell us how many people are in attendance or what size the space is and we'll provide the best set up for your needs.

Wireless Microphones

Tie clip and hand held microphones are available. Receiver can be connected to any suitable PA system allowing user freedom of movement. We can also add extra microphones in to lecture theatres, if needed.

Gooseneck Mics

Table top microphones for panel discussions.

Laptops & More

Managed Laptops

University Managed desktop or YoYo images available. View a complete list of available software.

Turning Point Voting System

A group response system that can gather instant responses, feedback, and choices from an audience of up to 600 people. More information on the Turning Point Voting System.


Display/Poster Boards

For displaying posters and other flat printed media. 1m (w) x 2m (h). Note: there is a £10 charge per board for the duration of your hire. Please use Velcro to attach your posters.


There is a £10 charge for the flipchart pad and pens. These are yours to take take away and reuse.


2m x 1m pieces available with steps.

Please contact if there is anything else you need.