Web Content Management System

IT Services provides a content management system (CMS) to manage and publish content on the University website. Staff use a web browser to access the system and input content using pre-defined templates.


You must have completed the training course "Introduction to the CMS" before you can be given access to the CMS.

If you need access to a site in the CMS you should contact the site co-ordinator who will then arrange access from on your behalf.

  • Request Access (to be completed by the appropriate site co-ordinator)

If you require a new CMS web site, then a request must be made:

Note: from 2018 the CMS is being migrated to a new CMS. This task should take several years. If you see references to the "Legacy CMS" that means the Popololy system were are currently using. References to the "New CMS" are to the system we are now adopting.