Medical School - Seminar room 10

medical school

The Sheffield Medical School is located at Royal Hallamshire Hospital on Beech Hill Road.

Facilities & room layout

  • 16 PCs - PC availability
  • Wifi
  • Parallel rows of tables
  • PCs arranged facing the front of the room
  • Lecturer's desk with SMART screen
  • One projector
  • Large windows

PCs are located underneath the desks and can be pulled out.

Seminar room 10 is a bookable room.  A timetable is displayed on the door each week.


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 09:00 – 21:00


The projector is connected to a clearly marked University Desktop PC and is controlled by a hand-held device connected by a cable.

The projector will mirror the display on the PC. If you wish to use presenter view from within PowerPoint you will need to connect your own laptop, or loan one of ours, and then select the extended display option.