Process for Handling Copyright Complaints

University computing facilities (including any University provided connection to the Internet) must not be used to copy or distribute copyright material without authorisation of the copyright owner. This includes movies, music, software and electronic books.

All users of University computing facilities should familiarise themselves with the University's copyright infringement policy:

Copyright Infringement Policy

Reporting Copyright Infringement

To report copyright infringement we recommend the use the following web form:

Report Copyright Infringement

Alternatively you can email the following address with full details:

Your complaint will be acknowledged within one working day.

Enforcement of Copyright Infringement Policy - Centrally Managed Services

Where material is hosted on a centrally managed service (such as the University website) the University will investigate all reports of University computing facilities being used to copy or distribute copyright material without authorisation of the copyright owner.

Material that is proven to infringe the law or is in breach of University policy will be removed.

Users found to be in breach of this policy may have their accounts temporarily or permanently suspended and/or face disciplinary action.

Enforcement of Copyright Infringement Policy - Individual Computers

This section applies to copyright material being made available from an individual computer connected to the University's network. This includes, but is not limited to, personally owned computers and University owned computers.

Where copyright infringement has been alleged we will contact the person responsible for any computer account (the account holder) or computer (the person who registered the computer) identified. We will inform them of the alleged infringement and them to provide a response.

Providing we receive a satisfactory response within two working days then no further action will usually be taken.

Failure to respond within two working days may result in the suspension of network access. If network access is suspended a second email will be sent (to the person responsible for that computer or account) asking them to respond to first email within five working days. Access to computer accounts and use of University provided computers in Student Computer Rooms would usually still be permitted to enable the individual to continue with their studies.

Failure to respond within five working days may result in the suspension of access to all University computing facilities.

Any incident that is a repeated offence or where circumstances warrant, may result in formal disciplinary action being sought under the University's discipline regulations.

Further Information

If you have any questions or comments relating to the University's Copyright Infringement Policy or the process that supports it then please contact