Log in to your cPanel web hosting account

To access your cPanel account, log into MUSE and choose the 'cPanel' service from the 'View all services' page (on the 'My Services' drop-down).

This will take you to a page where you can keep a list of cPanel account(s) that you work with. For each account, you will see its username, web address and a link to log in to manage the account.

Manage your account

When you log into your account's administration page, you will be able to see details about your site, upload files, manage MySQL databases, view statistics and more.

Upload Files

The easiest way to upload files to your cPanel account is to use the web based File Manager that is available when you log in to manage your account.

You can also use SFTP to upload files if you are on campus or connected using a VPN. Details of the SFTP settings to use are shown alongside your list of cPanel account(s) when you choose the cPanel service in MUSE.