Loading Personal Tutor information into CIS Student Records

Bulk loading of records

  1. Log into the Corporate Information System (CIS)
    This should be done through Corporate Information System channel within MUSE.
  2. From the Applications menu select Departmental
    The Departmental Administration System screen appears.
  3. Select Links, then Bulk Link Creation followed by Personal Tutor
    The Left Hand block lists the academic staff in your department
  4. Click Next Block to move the cursor to the Right Hand block, then click Enter Query
  5. You should now be able to select your group of students.
    For example, you can type a Programme Code in Prog to select all students on Programme code ABCU01 followed by clicking Execute Query. Or you may wish to further refine your query by populating the Period (A, B, C etc.) and/or Occ (ACAD YR 02 or *02, etc.) fields prior to executing the query.
  6. To select a different student list click Enter Query and type in your new criteria as above.

You should now have one list of staff and one of students, the top listed of each being highlighted.

  1. Select a staff member who is going to act as a Personal Tutor by clicking on the name.
    This member of staff will now be highlighted.
  2. Now link the students to be allocated to this Personal Tutor by clicking the checkbox on the list of students on the right.

As you link students to a tutor, the Prov field against that tutor will increment, giving a running total.
Additionally, you can at click on View Links button to see which students have already been allocated to that Personal Tutor; to return click Exit.

Please Note: The counter only functions when the Staff member is highlighted, and if you move frequently from one tutor to another it is recommended that you click the Refresh Totals button at regular intervals; this will update all totals whether they are highlighted or not.

All links made in this way are provisional which means that changes can easily be made. For example, if a link has been made in error, simply click in the box against the student and the tick will be deleted.

Please Note: The provisional facility enables users to return to the Bulk Link Creation screen over a period of time until they are sure that students have been allocated correctly.

  1. When the department is happy that students have been allocated correctly the Confirm Links button should be clicked.
    Provisional links for Personal Tutors will be changed to full.

You may find it helpful to nominate only one member of staff in your department to be responsible for converting provisional links to full, as if more than one person is working on the links, it will upgrade their records as well as yours.

After the links have been made full the Bulk Creation screen will be cleared and can be used for future intakes.

Amendments to your records can be made using any one of 3 other options:

  • Student/Staff Links
  • Staff/Student Links
  • Bulk End Dating

Erasmus Students

To allocate Personal Tutors to Erasmus students linked to your department click Cancel Query and then the View Erasmus button and continue as above. To exit, click on Non Erasmus.

Listings of Personal Tutors are available in Sheffield Web Reports - Student Records catalogue, prefixed SSL.

Further Information

Staff lists default to an alphabetical list of academic staff, but by clicking Sort Option this list can be sorted by the number of students allocated to each member of staff.

If the Personal Tutor is not a member of academic staff you can extend this list to include all staff as follows:

  1. With the cursor in the Supervisors Block, click Enter Query
  2. Click Execute Query
    All staff members in a department will now be listed.

If you are familiar with staff categories and wish to refine the list of staff further:

  1. Click Enter Query
  2. Enter a letter in the Staff Cat field
  3. Click Execute Query

The Bulk Link Creation screens list students that can be identified as linked to your department by their Programme Code and who do not already have a Personal Tutor permanently allocated by your department. In addition, only students with a registration status of FR, PR, TEMP, RR, NE or DORM are listed and included in the totals counts.