Windows 10 version updates

What are we doing? 

In order to ensure that our computers remain secure and up-to-date, IT Services annually upgrades the Windows 10 operating system on University Desktop and YoYo computers over the summer. As such we will be updating the version of Windows 10 all University Desktop and YoYo computers over the coming weeks. 

Why are we doing it? 

Microsoft release a new version on Windows 10 approximately every 6 months, each version is then only supported for around 18 months. This means that computers running versions more than 18 months old may be vulnerable.

Currently the University Desktop and YoYo Services use the 1607 version of Windows 10, which will go out of support on the 9th of October 2018, so over the summer we will be updating to version 1803. 

What you need to know 

The upgrade will take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete and your computer will be unavailable during this time. Throughout September we will be enforcing a mandatory upgrade on all University Desktop and YoYo computers. However the upgrade is available now, allowing you to perform the update at a time to suit you (we would recommend starting the upgrade while you will be away from your computer for a period of time or at the end of the working day).

To update you computer follow the steps below: 

  • Save any files you are working on.
  • Open the Software centre 
  • Click on the Operating Systems option at the left hand side
  • Click on Windows 10 x64 Education 1803 Upgrade
  • Click the Install button

If you are leaving your computer unattended you should lock it. Note that it will reboot during the upgrade several times. Please do not turn off your computer during the upgrade!