Logging on to a YoYo laptop at other eduroam institutions

Please note: You will need to have logged on to the laptop you are using at least once using your current password on campus before using your laptop at other eduroam institutions.

If you take your YoYo laptop to another institution that has eduroam available, you can still log in to your laptop, but you need to type your user name in a slightly different way.

You need to enter your user name in the format username@sheffield.ac.uk.

So, if your user name is ab1xyz for example you would enter ab1xyz@sheffield.ac.uk (please do not confuse this with your e-mail address which is different.)

If you enter your username in the normal way you will be probably be able to logon to your laptop but you will not have any connectivity via eduroam and will need to logoff and log back on using the username@sheffield.ac.uk format.